How To Make A Studio Apartment Feel Like Bigger

I love studio apartments and I think they are the perfect place for your first home by yourself or with your partner because the costs are low but the independence you gain from it is amazing. However, the only problem people face with a studio apartment is the size and how they can sometimes feel really cramped, so hopefully here are some great tips to make your apartment look twice as big!

Light Colours

Painting your apartment light colors and having whites/creams/pastels included within your furniture, rugs, lamps, and all the other accessories can really open out space and make it feel light and airy. Dark colors really suck the light out of the room and everyone knows that more light makes a place look bigger because the light catches into all the little crevasses and gives the illusion of there being more space. So, remember the lighter the home the bigger it will feel!

Multifunctional furniture

Having things like sofas with drawers underneath and an office desk (like the ones available at office monster) with lots of space to hold things within, are all things that will help to make the apartment look bigger. You cannot fit a bunch of furniture into your home so if you incorporate two or three things into one, you will have plenty of space for storage, as well as having all the great furniture you need fitting inside perfectly. Also, multifunctional furniture is very fashionable nowadays with people in bigger homes even turning to this form of furniture to save space, so it’s a great investment for the future too.


Distributing the light throughout the space will not only make the home feel cozy but also so much bigger. Having lamps is the best way to do this because they provide that nice cozy lighting that makes you feel homely, having one in the living room, kitchen counter, side counters, bedroom, will really liven up your space and make you feel like you’re living in a mansion instead of a studio.


Having a large mirror around the studio can make space look twice as big as it is because it is reflecting the space back out and giving that illusion of a bigger area. By visiting sites like and having a few of their mirrors sprinkled around the apartment will ensure that the illusion keeps going. Anyone who walks into your home will say “Wow! I thought this was a studio apartment – it’s so big!” This is why showcasing fabulous mirrors is key to making a room look bigger than it is.


The worst thing you could possibly do would be to leave all your junk lying around and not put anything away. Obviously, you need to feel comfortable within your own home but leaving clutter all over the counters, floor, and surfaces will make your home look so tiny because you are reducing the open flat surfaces of the apartment. Get rid of unwanted items, like old, broken furniture. Call your local Roll off dumpster company to collect this waste from your property. Make sure you are cleaning as you go and not leaving too much hanging about. This is so that you can stay in spacious and hygienic surroundings.

Once you’ve done your fair share of cleaning, you should move on to decluttering and redecorating your home. There might be old articles that haven’t been touched or even looked at in a long time; you could consider getting rid of them or finding some solutions for self storage Houston to stash them if that’s where you’re living. Once you’ve accommodated enough space, consider putting plants in a few spots as decoration to make the place look spacious and clean.

So, if you are living in a studio or small apartment, maybe you should take some of these tips on board so that you can make your apartment seem so much bigger. There are obviously so many more things that you can do but I think that these are the main ones that I have taken and adapted into my own spaces even in my home now because we all want to feel like we have lots of space around us to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Let me know if you take any of these ideas on board and whether you think they helped your space.

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