Designing Your Nursery – Some Inspirational Ideas

It is exciting to get your nursery ready for your new addition to the family. Everyone is always so excited to get toys and clothes for the new baby to use when they come home. The best thing is turning that spare room in your house into the most gorgeous nursery for your new child to call their home for the early stages of their life. But what do you need to make the perfect nursery?


The first thing you’ll want to do is paint your room to freshen it up and ensure that all the paint fumes have left the room in time for the baby’s arrival. I would personally choose to paint a nursery yellow, blue, or green colors and use the pastel versions of them so that you can put any color toys and accessories inside the room at it will match. A lot of people have even started to paint their room plain white and then add various wall decals later that match the baby’s personality so that they are not moving their child into a room that they no longer like the color.

Also, you can commission people to create wall art for your child when you decide what you would like closer to the time, and you do not have to worry about color clashes because your room has already been painted white. You can also hire a wall painter for the paint job (check out or similar business sites to get assistance), and they can add wall prints or different designs to make the nursery look magnific. However, everyone has distinct preferences and budgets, so choose accordingly.


Since kids, especially the tiny tots, can be messy and spill food, paint, and other liquids on the floor, it would be wise for parents to install flooring material that can be cleaned easily without too much hassle. Likewise, having a floor that does not contain volatile organic compounds and does not trap allergens could also be great for the health of the kids. Hardwood flooring, which can be easily installed by experts at, could be a great choice in this regard. They can be easy to clean, meaning that you can wipe up spills without having to rub the floors too much. The best part is that hardwood floors do not trap allergens or emit chemicals, so kids can roll as much as they want on the floor.

Nursing Station

This is an important element of any baby room, and the best nursing stations are those that are easy to get to but are also concealed. Having a station with a baby mat on top and multiple drawers down the sides to put things like wipes, baby powder, nappies, and all the other vital cleaning equipment, ensures that you are always organised and ready for when that toilet emergency arises! Also, not having everything on display means that your room looks cleaner and more organised, and you don’t have to constantly be thinking about nappies when you are in the room. It is also important to have a small bin beside the station to put the dirty nappies into and change this every day or so.


This is essential for any nursery because you don’t want all the toys and essential items all over the floor ready for you to trip over and injure yourself. Having lots of cupboards and drawers on a side of the room means that you can put objects into those places and keep everything clean and tidy to avoid any incidents. Babies come with a lot of stuff so you should never underestimate how much room you need in the nursery. A good idea would be to have a separate toy box so that when your child gets older and becomes a toddler, they can have access to their own toys and learn how to put them away properly as they go.

Baby Proof

Before you welcome your baby into your nursery, it is essential to baby-proof everything! This can include adding soft padding to those hard edges and putting brackets on the cupboard doors, which can prevent the little explorers from hurting themselves.

When it comes to electrical safety, consider installing plug protectors in the outlets to restrict your baby from inserting fingers. Also, take the time to secure electrical wires and cords to the walls, keeping them out of your child’s reach and preventing any tripping accidents. For more intricate electrical baby-proofing tasks, you might consider bringing in a licensed electrician who can ensure that the work is done safely. If you are looking for expertise, you can consider reaching out to a professional from organizations like ML Electrical & Garage Doors ( or similar firms. Their experience can provide an extra layer of assurance for a secure and child-friendly environment.


You don’t want to have any harsh lighting in the room because your baby’s eyes are new and therefore, they are extremely sensitive to light. Have a night light or lampshades that shelter around the bulb so that your child can always sleep when they want to and they are not getting aggressive lighting in their eyes. Another thing that might also help is a dimmer switch, hooking up a light system that changes the intensity of the light means that when the baby is not in the room you can turn the light up and clean all the areas of the room, it is also perfect to suit your child as they grow up. It is recommended to hire an electrician to install these systems (likely from a reputable firm similar to hit the switch). This is because this type of light is often more complicated than a regular switch and can be dangerous if installed incorrectly.

There are so many more things you can do with your nursery. So have a look online and use websites like Pinterest because you will never know where inspiration will appear.

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