2021 Home Interior Design Styles

Styles change every single year and 2021 is no different! Are you planning on changing up your home styles to suit a more modern look? Then perhaps reading this post will give you some clarity about how you can change your house to match the style of today.

Sculpture Furniture

Something that is becoming very prominent in today’s interior design is sculpture furniture that adds a modern flair and something very different to the home that no one else will have. This sculpture could be lighting, chairs, tables, and a variety of other things that have been made in the out of an ordinary way to represent your personality within your home. These sculptures could also just be art designs that have no other value but decoration, which is a notable asset to a home to make it feel like it’s being lived in and not just a show home with all the necessities. I will say though that if you are buying any of these sculpture furniture’s to try them out first at the store such as these San Francisco lighting stores, which have some great modern lighting fixtures because some are amazing and some can be just a little too weird and wacky to be for your personal taste.

Modern Lighting

The idea of having sufficient lighting within your home has always existed, but in recent times, especially this year, attention has been turned away from normal lighting fixtures and instead have focused on features such as neon lights, that can be found at places like Neon Mama (you can find more info here). The great thing about neon lights is that they will look great and will enhance the overall vibe of your room, regardless of whether it’s your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or home bar. Of course, you should still think about having modern lighting fixtures, but if you wanted something else to improve the look of your rooms, and to maybe increase its curb appeal, then this is definitely something worth looking into. Before doing anything, research could be paramount in this area. Don’t also forget the importance of letting natural light into your home. While lighting definitely has its part, plenty of warm sunlight can really bring a touch of homeliness and health to the ambience. Design windows and Custom Shades in a way that you can regulate the amount of natural light to let in; this way, you can invite the elements of nature into your home while also keeping them out when you need to.

Wall Murals

Something that is new, and exciting is that wall murals are being painted or wallpapers into people’s homes to give them a unique and vibrant look. Many people know that murals have been popular in children’s bedrooms to create a style that is suited towards the child’s personality but now people are decorating other rooms of their homes with expression and art. This makes the house feel more like a home and allows people to represent a vibe of a room or the element of self-expression. The murals can be just a small design or a larger piece of wall art that takes up most of the room, and although it can make it more difficult to touch up or redecorate, if you love it then it should never become a problem.

Country Styles

Something that is coming back in fashion is country styles in the home, which includes a mix-match of natural patterns and multiple colours that all fit together in a subtle way. The colours are usually blues, reds, and greens with patterns of flowers, butterflies, and other animals or plants. This style brings a more family tone into the home and represents a more boho or natural flavour to the interior design style. Many people bring in more wooden furniture and elements into their homes as well as small plants so that they get that country feel within their home. But, while houseplants may uplift indoor aesthetics, they can also cause bug infestation. In such a situation, it could be essential to regularly treat your plants and house to avoid unwanted insects in your interior space. You can look into pesticides and insecticides for plants and probably hire an exterminator through sites such as https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/michigan/ to avail pest control service.

There are also so many people that create more modernised versions of the country styles, so you do not need to fear looking old-fashioned and outdated.

Warm Colours

One of the most shocking things to make a comeback is bright colours in the form of orange sofas, yellow armchairs, and red pillows. Now some people might think that this is too much colour to have within their homes but pairing them with darker colours, wooden features, and plenty of other decorations like indoor plants can subtle down the colours within the home that would often be deemed too bright. In fact, having these colours can add a certain level of sophistication and class because confidence is key even inside the home, so people entering your home will be so taken back by your choice of bold colours that they will impress by the sleekness that you have laid out in front of them.

These are just a few ideas for 2021 home interior design styles but if you look online, you’ll find so many more. There is nothing better than doing up your home and feeling like you are in a brand-new space and it is all yours! So, I hope this post gave you some inspiration to spruce up your home and try something new.

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