A Black Tie Event

A Black Tie Event

The invitation to a black-tie event will lumber non-black tie wearers to run for their nearest dressing room, where they will be surrounded by men in black tuxedos. Some will ask, “How can I be sure to look my best if I don’t have a Blackberry yet?” Others will aver, “I sure would look sexy in a sparkly gown in black attire, if I had one,” while ladies who by profession request black clothing will tell them to, “Put on that extra weight. It’s imperative that you get yourself heard before you give yourself the monogram room.” Well, I am wishing we could have a little more of that spotlight, would you?

You may be wondering, “What exactly is a Black Tie Event?” It is a formal occasion wherein a gentleman (or lady), dressed in a tuxedo, accompanied by the proper accessories, will arrive in his tuxedo, accompanied by the proper entourage, for a manly, elegant affair. Generally, you can’t wear jeans, especially black ones. A tuxedo rental store, if run by the right company, will handle your request without a hitch.

The Golden Rules

You should also be aware that certain events will be informal and classy others will be dressed to kill. A black-tie event is not an occasion for showing too much skin. But it is a formal occasion in which you can and should flaunt what you have got and also a hint of skin. If you decide to put on a gown that sets off your body shape modeling-wise to make delicious curves to cherish, go for it. You would be virtually bound to create reckoning and buzz and have the apple of your Gardiner’s eye-popping the instant you arrive. Your gown should also be appropriate for the formality of the event. Each gown should do its part, if possible, to enhance your image.

Keeping a few options to the dress you have chosen will assist in feeling as if you are indeed a “star” of the evening. If you prefer a fit and sexy knee-length gown to a full-length opera-style gown, perhaps it’s time to give that some more thought. Maybe going with black is your thing. Black evening dresses are making an appearance for just this occasion and by choosing to go with this one you will be putting yourself right at the top of the fashion list. Also, taking the time to coordinate your accessories to go along with your evening dresses like patter a bag, gloves, or shoes will help to give you the protection and Beware Amidst the night.

You are cordially invited to our intimate unsteady situation. The ball is upon us, but our plans can still go ahead. Our evening dresses are directly responsible for getting us to where we ought to be. When we know we look good we feel good, and it shows in our behavior. If we want to make a good impression we ought to put our best foot forward. Remember, the women who can carry black successfully, are not far behind. They are of all the world. Still, performing to perfection is not a given. Practicality is important. To be fashion-forward, it’s imperative to put a good stock into smart and appropriate clothing. May we add, it’s a must to be comfortable in what we’re wearing.

Just before accepting the invitation, we must clear out our closets. There is no way we can be blessed if the invitation we receive says there will be a “Black Tie Invited” It’s exceedingly nerve-wracking, but if we must succumb to the extra pressure, we must do our part.

If you know you’re going to be in a relatively conservative atmosphere, I would advise you to pull out the little black dress and give it an airing. From there, choose some simple elegant accessories, one complementing the black dress is another. I’d suggest black stilettos or ankle boots that are comfortable as well as easy to work with the little black dress. You can also put on your little black dress over top of the black one. You may work long enough to have it altered so it’ll be convenient to have another choice.

Be sure to prepare your accessories, jewelry if any. You’d be pleasantly surprised at what a little sparkle and the right jewel can do for an outfit. You may also prepare scents if the occasion calls for one.